list of prosperity club FAQ's

What is Prosperity Club's purpose?

Our purpose is to help people become prosperous by answering Prosperity Club FAQ's. When we talk about prosperity, we mean the ability to live life without financial worries. Being prepared before an economic downturn, protecting your assets and your legacy.

We accomplish this through insurance products and financial strategies.

Since 2021 Prosperity Club has expanded the website to include information from experts in other fields.

What Services do You Provide? 

Prosperity Club provides insurance products through Deborah Armstrong, a licensed agent and her team of nationwide agents. We will continue to add more products that help individuals become more prosperous.

Helping people understand their financial situation and how CLASS and economic atmosphere affect financial stability is what we do. We provide as many resources as possible to help you improve your life circumstances and move you towards Prosperity. 

What Does Prosperity Club Specialize In? 

Our specialties are insurance products, especially life/annuities, with examples of financial strategies that can help you protect what you own. We are not financial advisors; this means we do not give financial advice about securities (stocks or fixed income).  

What are your qualifications? 

  • Deborah Armstrong has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance 
  • Licensed Insurance Agent in Property, Casualty, Health, and Life, this includes annuity products. 

How Does Prosperity Club Earn Money? 

Currently Prosperity Club earns income through the sale of insurance products. Prosperity Club does not directly sell insurance products but works with select agents nationwide.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us