The purpose for this list is to help those in need know where to find help outside of our government welfare system.

For the purpose of this page, I will include the charities that are correlated with Prosperity Club’s mission by helping individuals and families directly.

The following list of nonprofit organizations. Prosperity Club nor its contributors get any compensation for this list.

I would also like to give a thanks to Forbes for being proactive on this matter for so many years.

Forbes Magazine has been compiling a list of charitable organizations since around the late 1990’s early 2000’s.

 Their list can be found on this link: Forbes

International and Domestic Needs



GuideStar is another good source to find nonprofit organizations. There are too many to name or put on this resource page. They have numerous categories. Be sure to check them out for any needs you might have.

There is also a List of lesser-known charities with perfect scores. The list can be found on Charity Navigator’s website

My list would not be complete if I didn’t include charitable organizations that aren’t so charitable.

Money Inc. has a list of the worst charities that we shouldn’t donate too.

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