Understanding Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance

homeowner's and renter's insurance

Knowing how much insurance to buy. How much is too much or too little? You are more likely to not have enough than too much. Understanding homeowner’s and renter’s insurance will help you understand how much you should have. Rates will vary based on needs. Property and casualty apply to those who own a vehicle…

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Understanding the Basics of Health Insurance

Understanding Health Insurance

Single-payor health insurance or socialized medicine are not the same. Most people use the terms interchangeably without knowing the difference. It is a controversial subject creating many debates. Understanding the basics of health insurance is important, not only before purchasing health insurance but when congress creates new bills to make changes to health insurance. What…

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Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Understanding your auto insurance

How much Car Insurance should I have? Understanding your auto insurance is knowing the factors that can increase or decrease your auto insurance. Here are some bullet points that can help in understanding your auto insurance. If you get into an accident and you are at fault, and the repair costs of your vehicle are…

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The Basics of Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance “Buy term and invest the rest.” In other words, term insurance is less expensive than whole life insurance. So, the money you save can be invested elsewhere. Term insurance is usually the better choice for most people, but that depends on the wants and needs. We will discuss several subcategories of term…

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Whole Life Insurance Products, Basics and Types

Reduced Paid-Up Whole Life Insurance

Whole life Insurance products last a lifetime and are also known as permanent insurance. Term Insurance is temporary and has an expiration date. The premiums are determined the same way as Term Insurance. There are several types of whole Life Insurance to choose from depending on the needs of the client. Whole life insurance has…

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Understanding How Annuities Work

Understanding Annuities

Defining an Annuity The key to understanding how annuities work is to first define what an annuity is. An annuity is a lump sum payment paid regularly to an annuitant called an insured. There are two phases of annuities: the accumulation phase and the payout phase. In the accumulation phase you can make regular payments…

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