Types of Poverty

Different Types Of Poverty

Are you poor or are you in the struggling middle class? First, we will discuss what poverty is and the different types of being poor. Once you understand what poverty is you can then read the blog about whether you are poor or middle class. Prosperity Club focuses on income to determine social class. However,…

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Global Poverty Lines vs U.S. Poverty Lines

Poverty: Global vs U.S.

Defining Poverty The United States of America may be one of the richest countries in the world, but it does not escape poverty. You might be surprised in the differences between Global vs U.S. poverty Each country’s government gathers information to determine poverty, and the World Bank conducts their own surveys. The World bank gathers…

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How to Get out of Poverty

Getting Out of Poverty

  Who’s to Blame for Poverty Getting out of poverty is not only an individual problem but also a national problem. You can do everything you have been taught to do on how to get out of poverty, and still be poor. Physical and mental disabilities aren’t the only reasons why you can’t get out…

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Am I Middle Class?

Save The Middle Class

The Middle class has 3 subcategories. They are Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, and Upper Middle Class. In January 2022 Fortune magazine showed the middle class on a national scale. Click here: Fortune Article – who is the middle-class —and how they survived during the first year of the pandemic In order to have a…

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How to Control Debt

Burden of Debt

Good Debt vs Bad Debt It is not only important to know the difference between good debt vs bad debt, but also how to control debt. Bad debt charges an interest on items that depreciate, while good debt has a return on investment. Using a credit card for a consumable item like buying clothes, going…

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